Marion’s Kitchen Range

Happy New Year!

Today’s entry is on my recipe review on my favourite Thai Green Curry paste pack. Have you heard of Marion Grasby? If not, you are about to be introduced to the wonderful world of home cooking through Marion’s sauce packs. 

Her sauces are flavourful and easy to use and the end result is always a happy belly! Marion is a Thai Australian woman who won our hearts on MasterChef Australia  in 2010 as a contestant. Her shocking elimination from the  completion over satay sauce still leaves me devastated. The feeling was defintely mutual throughout the nation, we all cried with Marion as she walked out the MasterChef kitchen that unfortunate night.

Years passed, Marion is now a successful cookbook author, TV presenter, journalist and owner and creator of the Marion Food range called, “Marion’s Kitchen.” She has everything from Green curry to butter chicken. Each pack isn’t dear costing under $10. Now, some who have more fussier palates may not feel these are just the ramblings of a brown girl and these packs have no authenticity to the real dish. All I can say to you guys is to give it a try before you dismiss it. Marion definitely packs a flavour punch in her range. 

Today, I’m trying my favourite Thai Green Curry paste by Marion’s Kitchen. This is a staple pantry item for me, we have this at least once a month in our household. 


What’s handy about her paste packs is that everything you need is in it. And unlike other pastes I’ve tried they aren’t as salty and the coconut milk given isn’t powdered milk it’s liquid!

Tip: I always marinated my meat regardless what I make as I find it makes it more flavourful and the meat tender. For making this curry

  1. Cube chicken breast or thigh and marinate with some salt, white pepper, dash of sesame oil and dash or light soy sauce. Mix well and cling wrap and keep in fridge 30mins to overnight (if prepping ahead).
  2. Dice onions & mince garlic, cling wrap and keep in fridge (tip: if prepping day ahead this will keep clingwraped in a bowl).
  3. Chop favourite vegetables or steam frozen vegetables in the microwave for 1min to go in curry .
  4. Pour some olive oil in hot pot and fry the chopped up onions & garlic.
  5.  Once onions & garlic translucent, add Packet 1 of Green curry paste and fry till fragrant. Depending how spicy you want your curry add as little or as much curry paste from Packet 1 as you would like.
  6. Add chicken and fry till seared, then add vegetables and leave to cook for 1 min. 
  7. Add Packet 2, Coconut Milk plus, 1 cup of water and then add Packet 3 of spices and stir through. If ingredients not fully covered, you may need to add a little more water. If you don’t want it too spicy deseed the birds eye chillis given. You don’t have to use all or any of them if you choose. Leave to simmer. 
  8. Once chicken & vegetables cooked through add Packet 4 of drained bamboo shoots and frozen peas and let curry simmer another 5 mins. 
  9. Taste gravy, correct seasoning if needed. If gravy is too spicy add milk to curry or coconut milk if you have a spare can.
  10. Serve with rice.
  11. Enjoy! 😜

Next time you’re at your major supermarket find the Asian food aisle and be sure to check out Marion’s Kitchen range. You won’t regret it!! 😍


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