Soto Ayam (Chef Wan’s Recipe)

My mother is a big fan of Chef Wan! I think she has watched every cooking episode that comes onto Singapore TV that features him. I got a severe craving for Soto Ayam and in my donkey years in Perth I haven’t been able to find a restaurant that can quite get the balance of the spiced broth just right! This recipe is taken from Chef Wan’s cook book “The Best of Chef Wan: Taste of Malaysia.”  This recipe still doesn’t beat the delicious Soto you get in East Coast Village in Singapore but, it will definitely scratch your itch if you’re craving it badly. 


Olive Oil

Chicken  1-1.5kg, Cleaned & Halved

Water 2 L

Salt to taste

Dried vermicelli 55g

Spice Paste

Shallots 8, peeled

Garlic 3 cloves, peeled

Coriander powder 1 Tbspn

Lemongrass  2 stalks

Black peppercorns  1-2 Tbspn

Candlenuts 5

Galangal 1cm knob, peeled

Ginger 1cm knob, peeled

Ground white pepper  1 Tspn



Chilli Sauce to taste

Dark soy sauce  4 Tbspn

Red Bird’s Eye Chillies 6, seeded and pounded

Lime Juice 1 Tbspn

Sugar 1 Tbspn


Instant Nasi Himpit (Compressed Rice)


Kalamansi Limes to serve

Fried Shallots as garnish

Spring Onions as garnish



  1. Combine ingredients for spice paste in food processor. Ensure to blend until smooth. Set aside.
  2. To prepare the soup, heat oil in pot and fry spice paste for few minutes until fragrant. Then add Chicken, water and simmer for 1 hour.
  3. Remove chicken once cooked and set aside till its cool enough to handle to shred the meat. Season the soup with salt.
  4. In another small fry pan, simmer the sauce ingredients for a few minutes then remove and leave to cool.
  5. Put shredded chicken meat back into soup and dried vermicelli.
  6. Pour soup into bowls and serve with Nasi Himpit, Perkedel and Kalamansi limes.

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