Lily’s Curry Fried Rice

I loveeee fried rice and I love playing with different varieties of  flavours you could possibly put through fried rice.  I’ve done Tom Yum and Laksa fried rices just to name a few and they’ve all turned out delish!!
This is one of my Mother’s recipes that I always request when shes in Perth. I eventually learnt to satisfy my craving for it and got the recipe off her. Its definitely become a crowd favourite. I’ve refined Mom’s recipe over the years to the one you see below. It’s easy enough to do on the day after work or if time allows I’d recommend marinating the meat overnight so that your it packs a punch in flavour so the rice has a semi-briyani feel to it!

So here you have it…My Mother’s Curry Fried Rice….. Enjoy!


 Lily’s Curry Fried Rice


2 Chicken Breasts, cubed

4 Garlic Cloves, minced

1cm Ginger, grated

1 Red Onion, diced

2 Green Chillis, minced

1 Tablespoon Panch Pachora*

2 Teaspoon Tumeric

4 Curry Leaves

3-4 Tablespoons of Baba’s Meat Curry Powder* (or more if you really like a curry flavour)

3 Cups of Cold Day Old Cooked Basmati (or Jasmine) Rice

3-4 Cups of Frozen Cubed Mixed Vegetables (Steamed in Microwave still partially frozen).

1-2 Handful of Baby Spinach

1/4 cup water ( plus 1 or 2)

2 Eggs, whisked

Olive oil




  1. Put cubed chicken in a bowl and a dash of Olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Tumeric powder and Curry powder, Salt & Pepper. Mix well, cover with cling wrap and marinate in the fridge preferably overnight if not a minimum 30mins in room temperature before cooking.
  2. In a medium heated wok, add red onion, garlic, ginger, green chillies and fry till fragrant.
  3. Add the panch pachora, curry leaves and stir fry for up to 60seconds when you hear the mustard seeds pop then stir in marinated cubed chicken.
  4. Once the chicken is 3/4 to fully cooked, add steamed partially frozen vegetables and stir fry till they are cooked and fry for 1-2 mins till it dries out. Then add half the curry powder first and mix well. If mixture is too dry add 1/4 cup water little by little (you may need to add extra water if the mixture is not moist enough to coat the rice).  Stir in the rest of the curry powder and some salt and pepper and let the mixture cook for 1min.
  5. Now add the rice and stir from the bottom of the curry mixture over the rice until the white rice and coloured and coated with the mixture evenly and heated through.
  6.  Once the rice is heated through and the curry mixture is not wet through the rice anymore. Pour whisked eggs all over rice in a zig-zag fashion and then toss the the rice on high heat until all the egg is cooked.
  7.  Taste test and correct seasoning, if necessary. Serve hot.

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