Hiatus For Healing

Dearest Followers,

Some of you may have noticed, that there was no weekly recipe post yesterday on the website and this is because, I need take some time out from recipe writing and recipe trials at home, to rest and heal my crappy Nurse’s back that I’ve managed to flare up with a simple daily motion. I will be taking the next couple weeks off to rest and recoup. For the next few weeks, I’ll be cooking simpler meals at home, which apparently in my husband’s eyes is impossible for me 😂 coz everything complex is easy to me!! I will still be an active social media foodie posting on Instagram/Facebook of whats on my dinner plate and doing restaurant reviews when we go out. So I won’t be disappearing completely. Thank you to each and every one of you for ur continued support. I loved reading all the feedback on the recipes so far… please continue to follow and I will be back into action with awesome recipes before you know it…..


Amrita 😘

😉 #HiatusForHealing






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