Yakitori Glazed Steak Rolls

I’ve seen this recipe several times on different websites and books with a variations of flavour combinations and fillings. I was torn to what flavour combination I wanted to try it with till I saw a recipe using Yakitori sauce and thought – ‘Winner!!’

My first time making it, I trialed it on our good friends during our hot pot date at my house and what a success that was! We cooked it on the hot plate that surrounding my hot pot and I got my guests to brush yakitori sauce to finish the dish off….. – DIVINE!

I must admit the steak rolls did take a bit of finesse to maneuver into tight picture-perfect rolls but, nothing you can’t master by the 5th steak roll.




1 packet of Shabu-Shabu Beef Slices
200g Green Beans, Cut into 5cm
1 Carrot, Cut into Matchsticks, 5cm length
Handful of Enoki Mushrooms, base cut off
Bottle of Good Quality Yakitori sauce


  1. Defrost the shabu-shabu beef.
  2. Boil lightly salted water in a pot; when the water bubbles add the carrots. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Then add the Green Beans for a further 2-3minutes or until the veggies are still crisp but, soft enough to bite through.
  3. Drain the hot water from the pot and transfer the veggies into a bowl and put the bowl in the fridge to cool for 15minutes.
  4. Unroll the Shabu-Shabu beef slice onto the chopping board; Drizzle Black Pepper onto the beef slice; Layer couple of pieces of Green Beans, Carrots and Enoki mushrooms on one end of the Beef slice.
  5. Start rolling from the veggies end and make sure the steak completely covers the vegetables. Layer steak rolls 1cm apart. Crack some Black Pepper over the rolls.


  6. Heat a flat pan on medium heat, add a knob of butter and sear the steak rolls at the seam line.
  7. Keep turning the rolls and to cook on all sides to get a nice char and as you do brush Yakitori sauce onto the steak rolls.
  8. Remove from pan and brush extra Yakitori sauce once again on steak rolls before serving.


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