Why Do You Love Cooking?

People ask me all the time….”Why do you like cooking?”

My very nurse response to this is…..

It’s like when a patient comes in to see me complaining of blocked ears for the last week. I inspect his ears and true enough find it blocked with wax (though there was that one occasion where there was a house fly in there but, that’s for another Instagram post.)

I ask if he’s used drops in his ear before coming in to see me (1 in every 3 patients say ‘No’ which most of the time makes you just want to roll up a newspaper and knock some sense into them and say, “I’m a nurse not Dyson Ear Wax vaccum cleaner.”)

I then grunt under my breath at the fact I have to attempt a ear syringe and it might get me or my sterile surroundings messy (with the odd ear gunk splashback 🤢) but, I do the deed anyway….

I syringe his ear tactfully and if unsuccessful, with discussion with the Doctor revise the patient’s game plan of what to do next to clear his ears but, if successful and I flush the wax out revealing a clear canal and his ear drum…. Most of the time, the patient all but kisses ground on which I walk on (and once I even got flowers!!) because, I restored his sense of hearing. And right then at that very moment, I have a profound sense of satisfaction and achievement in myself and my job.

Why did I just ramble about some dude’s ear gunk it’s because, cooking is exactly like that to me. Starting off deciding to make a particular recipe is always tedious, you need all the equipment, ingredients, time of day, and most of all patience for prep work and especially, clean up.

To me, the end result will always be worth it because, the creations that come out of my (at times) frustrating cooking sessions have always given me a game plan of how to tackle the same recipe in the future if improvements are required but, if successful the first time… You can literally catch me standing at my kitchen counter in awe of my efforts of what seemed like my blood, sweat and guts poured onto a plate.

Most of all is when my cooks are successful and my husband says exactly this to me, ‘THAT was amazing baby!!’

My job is done. I’ve won at this craft.


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