Hiatus For Healing

Dearest Followers, Some of you may have noticed, that there was no weekly recipe post yesterday on the website and this is because, I need take some time out from recipe writing and recipe trials at home, to rest and heal my crappy Nurse’s back that I’ve managed to flare up with a simple daily … More Hiatus For Healing

Zaru Soba & Mentsuyu Dipping Sauce with Miso Chicken

I still remember my expression when I first discovered ‘Cold Soba Noodles’ on the menu of my favourite Japanese restaurant, Yuki (Willeton, Perth). I was kinda squirmish at the thought of eating cold noodles – cold slippery long worms sliding down my throat….eckkkk!!! But, as I always say, try everything once….. The cold soba noodles … More Zaru Soba & Mentsuyu Dipping Sauce with Miso Chicken

Yaki Soba

I first learnt about Yaki Soba was when my husband came to me and said he just watched an anime that showed this amazing hot dog type bun stuffed with noodles and the dish was called Yaki Soba Pan. Initially, I thought that was the most bizarre combination, not to mention its basically carb-on-carb. We … More Yaki Soba

Gado Gado

Not ever being pregnant but, having crazy food cravings like a woman with child is one of my best skills. I have already been warned by my dear husband, that if I even think I can request any crazy food cravings when I do get pregnant – its not happening. I’ve apparently cashed them ALL … More Gado Gado

Golden Potatoes 

Potato-potato! A potato side dish is a necessary to any western meal. Roast potatoes is staple side dish in our household. This is one of my favourite quick recipes particularly because it’s that convenient to throw together. I have little trick of mine I will share in this recipe to achieve crispy golden seasoned skin … More Golden Potatoes 

Nutella Cheesecake 

This cheesecake is one of my husband’s favourites and everytime we get invited over anywhere and I need to bring a dish – he will request this cake! Nothing but, Nutella goodness in this cake! We have Nigella herself to thank for this amazing creation (from her Nigellesema series). Its easy enough to whip up … More Nutella Cheesecake